Shadowridge began in 1991 with our first Ridgeback, Phoebe. Juba Lee
Zahra for Phoebe, which means in African language Flowers for Phoebe.
We have a great love for this Breed, and have made a lifetime
commitment to their well-being and improvement. As a breeder I have
studied and researched the breed and I know its history and standard.
I am also aware of its strong points and drawbacks.

Shadowridge is located in Northern California , in Sacramento the State
Capitol. We are a Small Hobby Breeder. Our dogs live with us and the
puppies grow up as part of the family. They go to their new homes crate
trained and they know how to use a doggie door. They are raised with
small children so that they are very social by the time they go to their new
forever homes. You are welcome to come and meet us here,
any time at Shadowridge.

At Shadowridge we carefully select the parents of each litter. We OFA
certify to be sure animals our free of hip and elbow Dysplasia. Dams and
Sires are checked and cleared for any health problems including Eyes,
Heart and Thyroid, and they all have their OFA Chic Number. We
carefully select to emphasize desirable attributes and minimize faults. We
are committed to improving breed soundness-both physical and mental
with every litter.
All our breeding dogs are now DM tested

At Shadowridge we breed approx 2 times a year and plan very carefully
for our future litters.  All puppies are whelped and raised in my home
under constant loving supervision.  They are temperament tested at 7
wks of age and Vet checked at 71/2 wks they are socialized and
temperament tested so that we may carefully match puppy to new owner.  
We do screen and interview, looking for that loving home that is ready to
make a lifelong commitment.  Ridgebacks are wonderful house
companions; they are not backyard dogs to be left unattended.  We look
for homes that can provide a safe environment inside and out.  We also
strongly believe in spaying and neutering our pets.  We are committed to
the welfare of the breed and we are here 24/7.  We are here to help give
advice on everything from training to nutrition, to listen and to laugh, as
well as share photos of our ‘kids’.  All puppies leave here with a history,
pedigree, registration, food, toys, non-slip collar, microchip for
identification, photo’s and health certificates, as well as a guarantee.

Shadowridge is very proud of the accomplishments of all our Pups. With
over 25   Titled AKC Champions, We also have dogs Tiled in Obedience
Companion Dogs, Lure Coursers, and those working in Agility and
Tracking. We are also very proud of Those Dogs Titled as Therapy Dogs
that go to Children hospitals and elderly homes to help cheer up the
elderly, and Sick children. They are all part of our extended family. We
know they must venture out into the world, but they will always be a part
of Shadowridge. We will always be there for both the family and the
Pups.  Shadowridge carefully screens buyers A DOG is an innocent,
trusting creature. Here at Shadowridge we honor that trust. Our actions in
all things pertaining to Dogs will be honorable.

Shadowridge is a member of the National Club RRCUS since 1992. We
are also a Member of the Regional Club, BARRC. I have been a Past
President of BARRC and also one of the original BOD Members. I was
also the First Show Chair for BARRC Regional Specialty, and we are one
of the largest Specialties Clubs in the US. We are also members of the
Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Club of Dixon, CA. We have been
members for 20 years now.
I am also presently a BOD member of this club.
Linda and Larry Hellinge
Sacramento, CA
Poem's Daughter "Emmie"