Rhodesian Ridgeback
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a hound with a ridge of reverse-pointing hair along the mid-line of its back. According to reports as early
as 1505, the first European settlers in South Africa had found dogs with ridges of hair along their backs among the Hottentot
or Khoikhoi. Over the years these native dogs from Dutch, German, and Hottentot where interbred with the native dogs of Africa. The
attributes of the modern breed were developed by the Boers of South Africa, who sought a hunter, watch dog, and companion that
would be tolerant of the African climate and hunting conditions. Toward the end of the 19th century, ridgebacks were brought into
Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe) where they achieved considerable popularity and presumably their name.

History of the Breed

The Rhodesian Ridgeback, as we know it today, was developed in Rhodesia by the Boer farmers. The Ridgeback was Bred and
raised to survive the vigor of harsh country and climate where only the fittest survive. He had to be easy to groom and inexpensive to
feed The Ridgeback proved to be an Easy Keeper. He had to be a good hunting Dog have the Stamina to travel long distance. Once
the game was sighted, he had to have the remaining endurance to, corner it and agile enough to escape injury while holding the
quarry at Bay. The fact that Ridgebacks excelled as lion hunters created the popular misconception that they were lion Killer-an
over-rating of the DOG and a gross underrating of the Lion. In any case, lion killing was not the job of the Ridgeback. The Boer hunter
wanted a keen nose, good sight, and in some instances the ability to retrieve game. The Ridgeback was able to fit all of these
requirements. While we do not use the Rhodesian Ridgeback of today for all the tasks the early Boer farmers needed, the Ridgeback
is still essentially the same dog. It is up to us to make sure he remains so.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Character and Temperament

A Ridgeback meets the world with curiosity and without fear. At home he is a complete lap Dog, despite his size. He loves comfortable
surroundings, and is willing to pass the time curled up on the sofa, or if the opportunity arises, stretched out on his masters Bed. The
Ridgeback is not one to bark frivolously. He is however, in no way incapable of Speech. He loves to "TALK" especially when he wishes
to demonstrate his dissatisfaction, or attention to himself. He can utter a variety of sounds from a quiet whine to a howl. He emits
combinations of cooing, grunting, howling and groaning, Just as the mood takes him. When you think you have heard the whole
repertoire he'll surprise you with a new sound. It's by these various sounds and their usage that Ridgebacks demonstrate his sense
of humor. The Ridgebacks reputation as a lion hunter has caused many people to think of him as a wild, unfriendly creature, In fact,
his character is mild, a sensitive Dog who reacts strongly to his masters moods. With a devoted disposition to an inherent longing for
human company and attention. He is usually fond of children and has great patience with them. His loyalty encompasses the whole
family and their close friends. The extent of the Ridgebacks trust in his master is more commonly found in working dogs than in a
hound. YOU could say that the Ridgeback is a "JACK OF ALL TRADES" because of his intelligence and cooperativeness. Ridgeback
authority, Major Hawley, speaks strongly about temperament. Warning us not to breed for good looks alone. A Ridgeback's true worth
lies in his personality. His devotion to his Master and his ability to share his "joie de Vivre" and inner wisdom with us, yet remains
reserved with strangers.